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1. Spread the news and let those around you know what is happening. Post links to this blog on facebook and twitter using the links provided. Discuss it with your friends, parents, people in authority. Remember that if we keep quiet today, it will keep happening.

2. More than talking, give. Contribute money or kind to the relief agencies, feed a survivor, take in a refugee, march for the future of Nigeria...give of your time, effort and wealth...What would you do?

Friday, February 26, 2010

How This Started

It all started when I received this email:
I'm sorry to bug you but I have a concept which i would really explain
on my monday post titled ' SAVE OUR SOUL'.Most times I've often wondered why we Nigerians
complain and proffer no explanations or solutions to the problems that
herald us. In whatever small way I can, I try to solve a problem or
even make an effort.
What exactly is my point?
It was the effort of wyclef jean that made other stars come together
to give towards Haiti.. I noticed some Naija bloggers even gave
towards Haiti while at the same time decrying what happened in Jos,
VERBALLY while saying God should help Nigeria..
Please everyone should wake up for Nigeria.. Lets give towards those
who have lost everything in Jos.. It was really devastating. student,
working class,everyone, we can do something..We can enlist the
connections we have and also get across to Nigerian
musicians,I'm not saying they
shouldn't use their money as they please, but come on.. A little
thought for those ravaged with violence and bloodshed..
I'd be dedicating my post on today to this and subsequent issues.
If you agree with me, help me plan this thing anyway whatsoever
available..If they can't help them, Let us, that way, people would
help them and extend to Nigeria as a whole.
Share my views with others and do reply if you are with me...thank you.

Now tell me who can receive such a passionate email and just ignore it? So here we are now, creating this blog to help our fellow Nigerians in Jos. Please before you doubt us give us a chance. We already have some good ideas but we want even better ideas. If you want to join our WeAreJos committee and also be an admin in this blog then please let me know. The more the merrier!



  1. This is a wonderful idea! Thanks to you and the others involved. I'll follow and do what I can. It would have been better if the web address is help Jos or we are Jos. Nigeria is boiling right now and help Nigeria means a different thing entirely.

  2. in its own way this blog shows we can claim our country back

  3. we are willing to be of assistance whatever way we can

  4. I'm not Nigerian but from my association with Nigerian Christians in Blogvilla, I am soooo impressed with their love for the Lord. Soooo impressed with their courageous stand in the midst of what sound s like chaos. So yeah, I will follow and PRAY for all of you dedicated Nigerians - and the Lord's will for this. God bless you all and may it truly become sooo much MORE than any of you - or even I - could have ever imagined!

    Yeah God!! GO ...for it!!

    Blessings and thanks for asking - I'm honored to be invited to see what God is planning for His people in Nigeria - Christians and non-Christians alike!

    Patrina <"))>><
    His watchman on the wall

  5. I will like to be involved. Please send me an e-mail at


So we listen..