Thanks for joining this Blog! We are all Jos and YOU can do something substantial for this fund-raising effort. You can do this for everyone in Nigeria, for the people who lost their lives in Jos, for the ones who survived, including yourself because no one knows tomorrow.

1. Spread the news and let those around you know what is happening. Post links to this blog on facebook and twitter using the links provided. Discuss it with your friends, parents, people in authority. Remember that if we keep quiet today, it will keep happening.

2. More than talking, give. Contribute money or kind to the relief agencies, feed a survivor, take in a refugee, march for the future of Nigeria...give of your time, effort and wealth...What would you do?

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Hey guys... we now have our banner.. Hmmm Yes we do!Created by our one and only Muyiwa of Limelight People<
We entreat you all to paste this banner on your blogs as well as your sites..
We'd really appreciate it if you do as this is the first step towards your active participation of WE ARE JOS.So for those who have been asking for what they can do, This is the first step.
The souls you reach out to by causing them to be remembered will cause the favour of God to shine on you and you'd also feel better and lighter in spirit.
Support WE ARE JOS by pasting our banner.Contact Muyiwa for the banner and contact Suru for the logo..
Many thanks.


  1. To paste the logos on your site, please copy and paste them and add through the picture gadget with a link to this site. Thank you very much.

  2. Myne thank you so much.. I didn't even know that part,found it difficult ,Muyiwa helped me out.. You're the best..

  3. I am going to post the banner as you requested and on the 27th this will be my blog post story for Am I Not Human?

    I apologize for my slow response. I had a lot going on in my professional story. Thanks for making me aware of the site and this struggle.

  4. @msladydeborah.. Thank you so much.. You have no much idea how this gladdens my heart.Please,by all means,carry on..

  5. Hey babe...i have ur banner on my blog. great thing u guys are doing...


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