Thanks for joining this Blog! We are all Jos and YOU can do something substantial for this fund-raising effort. You can do this for everyone in Nigeria, for the people who lost their lives in Jos, for the ones who survived, including yourself because no one knows tomorrow.

1. Spread the news and let those around you know what is happening. Post links to this blog on facebook and twitter using the links provided. Discuss it with your friends, parents, people in authority. Remember that if we keep quiet today, it will keep happening.

2. More than talking, give. Contribute money or kind to the relief agencies, feed a survivor, take in a refugee, march for the future of Nigeria...give of your time, effort and wealth...What would you do?

Friday, March 19, 2010


Groping in the dark
Is all I’m able to
Feeling my way
Looking for where to lean
Is all I’m worth

Asking for direction
When all we get is uninterested stares
Placing our fate in the hands of chance
Listening to the final heartbeat
The heartbeat of a heart
Meant to heal
Meant to give

Kneeling praying
Meditating. How long?
Searching, endlessly

Tragedies of life
Surrounding us
Hoping to cloud and ensnare us
Believing that we are lost
No echoes to draw us back
Back to how we once were
Such a distant memory
Yet not so long ago.

Still, we see a glimmer of hope
Spark of life
Our baskets we are told still carry water
He still answers our prayers
Which were pending and still put on hold
The rejected stone became the corner stone

Because they heard us
They felt our pain
They strove to take it all back
But they can’t make us forget
How can we?

All my children gone in a day
My family lost in the smoke
How do I begin to mourn for my parents?
When I can barely breathe?
Trying to keep the family

I still believe we can make it
Even though we have our backs
Up against the wall
Against all the evils of life
That try to squeeze life out of us
But with WE ARE JOS
We will make it

Yes we will, because we will give. So we appeal to you to join us on this. Please let’s give. Have the compassion .Be compassionate.


So we listen..