Thanks for joining this Blog! We are all Jos and YOU can do something substantial for this fund-raising effort. You can do this for everyone in Nigeria, for the people who lost their lives in Jos, for the ones who survived, including yourself because no one knows tomorrow.

1. Spread the news and let those around you know what is happening. Post links to this blog on facebook and twitter using the links provided. Discuss it with your friends, parents, people in authority. Remember that if we keep quiet today, it will keep happening.

2. More than talking, give. Contribute money or kind to the relief agencies, feed a survivor, take in a refugee, march for the future of Nigeria...give of your time, effort and wealth...What would you do?

Friday, March 12, 2010

What Would You Do?

What if they were your grandparents?

What if this was your brother or sister?

What if you were them?

This is us. We.Are.Jos.
We survived it but it is still us and it's up to us.
What should we do?
I'm sick and tired of talking about it.
It's really time for us to do something.
What should we do?
No. Really what should we do?
Please use those brains that you are still alive to use.
Think of what we should do and share your ideas.



  1. *sigh* We never wish any of these for our family members, this is why we shd do as much as we can to help the situation.

  2. Just praying for a break through.. working as hard as we all can to make this work.. The grace and favour of God is what we need..
    Great job Suru..

  3. good question WHAT SHOULD WE DO???

  4. Hey this is barbaric,something has to be done fast

  5. Terrible indeed, what we can do to ourselves. But we can also do good. I hope we here take the chance to do that when the time comes.

  6. love this blog, proud of you all for bringing this topics to light. I will be back, just added the link to my blog.

  7. i am in totally, question has been asked a million times its time to answer it,

  8. I will help spread the news as best and as far as I can. I will add the link to my blog ASAP! I will also make my contributions and get others to do same!
    I was in Jos. I am JOS!

  9. The least we can do is pray for the country. Lord help us..


So we listen..