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Friday, April 9, 2010

News and Updates on the Jos situation

There were recent clashes in Jos with about 2 people feared dead but it seems those in authority are beginning to look into the matter with more seriousness. Please let's keep talking about it. Our plans with the red cross are ongoing and we'll be bring updates soon. Thanks again to all those who have put up the banner on their blogs, we appreciate it.



Jos — Jos paramount ruler, Gbong Gwom Jos, Gyang Buba, and the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar, has waded into the ongoing crisis in Jos between the Berom natives and the Fulani, calling on the warring groups to lay down their arms and come to a roundtable to resolve their differences.

Speaking at stakeholders' meeting in Jos on Tuesday, Gyang tongue-lashed both Christians and Muslims in the state of claiming to worship the true God of creation but go a head to kill their neighbours.

"You ought to know that the tenets of the two religions that they do not give anybody the authority to take the life of any other person," he said.

According to him, even secular law of Nigeria does not give anybody the permission to take life, insisting that as responsible citizens of Nigeria and of Plateau State, "everyone should respect the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and all federal state and local government laws".

He expressed the desire of the Jos traditional council to dialogue with whoever has the intention to hold peace talk with it, pointing out that before issues could be properly resolved everyone must be open and sincere with due respect to each other in the state.

"Everybody must avoid personal attacks and let us address issues involved and resolved them accordingly. We should be able to restore lasing peace not only in Plateau State but in the entirety country," he stressed.

Plateau state commissioner of police in his remarks reiterated that nobody is happy with the development in the state, lamenting that his men had been picking corpses of innocent people from the streets in Jos daily.

He however promised that security agencies would continue to maintain law and order, but warned that henceforth any neighbourhood that any corpse was again picked up, the traditional ruler or the ward heads of such areas would be quizzed.

He said, "On a daily basis, security agencies are picking up dead bodies from the streets of Jos" adding that such madness must be stopped.

According to him, all efforts to retrieve arms from the youths have not yielded results, while also advocating the support of the parents of the rampaging youths and warned that if the situation in Jos is not brought under control, there would be a replay of what is going on in the Niger Delta in Jos where parents would have no control on their wards.

In his remark, the Emir of Wase, who is the Chairman, JNI in the state, expressed optimism that soon, with the calibre of people in attendance at the peace talks, a solution would be found to the problem of Jos.

The meeting, which later went into close door and had in attendance the Emir of Wase, Dr. Haruna Abdullahi; Commissioner of Police, Ikechukwu Aduba; the representative of Sultan of Sokoto, Danmaliki Sokoto, Alhaji Umar Abubakar; Dr. Aliyu Tilde from office of the National Security Adviser, AIG Hamisu Ali Jos (rtd), members of the Joint Traditional Council, the officials of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association in all the five local government areas; among other dignitaries.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Greetings from Team-WE ARE JOS

Hello Everyone! Hope all's well with you?It's been like a break in transmission yeah?No,It hasn't.Granted we all took a break and everyone had one thing or the other going on in their lives
We have not forgotten the reason for
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We have not forgotten you our faithful,loyal and eager followers.
I earnestly want to appreciate Myne Withman,Muyiwa (Limelite people), Suru (Suruispatience) and Sting.
All this didn't start in a day but now we are here,we must contiune.
I want to thank our followers.As you've believed in this cause,You shall never be lost,You shall always be remembered as you have remembered those in pain.
As you are eager to help so will doors be open for you..I leave the thanks and praises to LIGHT HER LAMP and EROLYRICS, Lol.. Those two sabi preach,pray,and give  praises and bless person..
I want to specially thank these people for putting up our banner and logo
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Happy Easter to you all and your wonderful families.May the reason for the celebration not be lost to you all.
P.S. Our holiday ends next week so you all have a swell holiday.