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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Greetings from Team-WE ARE JOS

Hello Everyone! Hope all's well with you?It's been like a break in transmission yeah?No,It hasn't.Granted we all took a break and everyone had one thing or the other going on in their lives
We have not forgotten the reason for
We have not forgotten the reason for WE ARE JOS
We have not forgotten the  reason for the banner and our logo
We have not forgotten you our faithful,loyal and eager followers.
I earnestly want to appreciate Myne Withman,Muyiwa (Limelite people), Suru (Suruispatience) and Sting.
All this didn't start in a day but now we are here,we must contiune.
I want to thank our followers.As you've believed in this cause,You shall never be lost,You shall always be remembered as you have remembered those in pain.
As you are eager to help so will doors be open for you..I leave the thanks and praises to LIGHT HER LAMP and EROLYRICS, Lol.. Those two sabi preach,pray,and give  praises and bless person..
I want to specially thank these people for putting up our banner and logo
-Yankeenaijababe-YNC Lounge.She so embraced it with all her heart like she had been in on it from day one
-Jaycee-Light Her lamp:I didn't need to appeal to her twice,when the need arose,she made good her promise
-Ms Deborah of Ablack  American Activist.I tahnk you,I thank you so much
-Histresure, who despite her busy schedule still found the time to send me a mail and upload the banner immediately.
-BBB-When I see her blog,it just gladdens my heart at her eagerness even when she couldn't upload it she didn't just abandon it, but worked on having it on her blog.
-Erolyrics-How can I forget her?When she uploaded it, she sent me a mail that she had.Thank you so much
-Linda Ikeji..Hmmm,Finally..She came through as I knew she would.
Did I not mention you?My apologies ,Let me know and I will immediately..
Happy Easter to you all and your wonderful families.May the reason for the celebration not be lost to you all.
P.S. Our holiday ends next week so you all have a swell holiday.


  1. This is really good of bloggers. I wish everyone a happy Easter.

  2. I kept forgetting to put the banner on my blog but I just did right now. Happy Easter to everyone.

  3. making me smile right here, love this and wishing you all a happy Easter, I miss Naija

  4. Wish you a great Easter. Nice one

  5. I feel grateful to be a part of this...the real thanks belong to you guys who thought about the idea, and then acted upon it. Thank u so much...and looking forward to doors being opened to you guys to do more for Jos.

  6. Hello,

    Please check out the Fashion for the Nations - Fashion For Jos facebook page on facebook and join the fan page:

    Landover, Maryland on May 1st 2010, we will be raising funds for Jos city through fashion and music. Yes! Nigerians in the diaspora do care and Yes! we don't just speculate or be spectators, we act regardless of any distance barriers. All hands are on deck!

    facebook link:


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